Go VoxBox

As part of the Influenster community, occasionally  qualify for free boxes of complementary items. Influenster is basically a site where you can write reviews about products, and if you’re active enough on social media, you can qualify for free boxes to review (called VoxBoxes). I received the Go VoxBox, which is targeted to active individuals who love working out. It is the third VoxBox I have received in the past year and, in my opinion, is the best one yet! Here’s what was inside:


The first thing out of the box was a Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Shaker Cup to mix protein drinks. I already have a shaker cup that has the little wire ball in it, so I was excited to compare the two different cup designs. Although I’ve found that the wire ball can sometimes get the power stuck in inside the ball if you fill the cup to full (especially if you add anything in addition to the power to your drink), it does very well otherwise. The Next Step cup with the jax shaped mixer, did fine as well. It doesn’t mix protein powers as well as the wire ball cups, but obviously does not get anything stuck inside of it either.

To go along with the Next Step Shaker Cup, The Vitamin Shoppe also included three sample packages of their Next Step Fit N Full Protein Shake Mix. I am a big fan of protein shakes, but had not tried this brand yet, so I was happy to receive the samples.  Three flavors were included: vanilla, chocolate, and mixed berry. The shakes were much more appetizing than I expected and kept me full for hours without any desire to snack (always a plus!). A coupon for $5 off a full sized product was also included, and I will be heading over to my local Vitamin Shoppe to pick one up!


The box also contained Blue Diamond blueberry almonds. Although I love almonds, and don’t mind blueberry flavored food, I wasn’t crazy about mixing the two. They worked just fine as an emergency snack, but are not going to be on my shopping list in the future.


The coupon for a free Muller Yogurt was next. I was already familiar with the brand before receiving the VoxBox and love the greek yogurt, so I knew I would love this free item.


Next out of the box was a bottle of Aqua Spa Bath and Body’s Body Crème lotion from the Relax Collection.  It is extremely moisturizing, rubs in well, and smells wonderful.


The next item was a Pedi-Rock by PROFOOT. For any girl who loves pedicures, but can’t always go to the salon, the Pedi-Rock is a great item to have at home. It is surprisingly soft and can conform to the contours of your foot very easily. It is also easy to use; it cleans up well with water, although I should note that little black specks come off of the rock when you are using it, so be aware of where you are using it.


A set of Triad Orthotics was also included from PROFOOT. They seemed comfortable enough but didn’t fit my feet quite right.


The last thing I pulled out of the box was Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. Ironically, this is the second time I have received a box of tampons from a VoxBox (and I’ve only received 3 VoxBoxes thus far)! These tampons have a plastic applicator and are lightly scented. The box  I received is Regular absorbency.  Although they are an unusual item to offer reviewers, it’s always nice to receive free feminine products.



In total, the Go VoxBox is valued at $45.81.



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